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5 Health and Wellness Startups Shaking up the Industry

The importance of a proper health and wellness regiment made a variety of new startups focus on this emerging industry. Here are five revolutionary startups that are shaking up the industry and changing the way people look at their health:


This service uses biometric data to customise a personalised nutrition plan aimed at creating real change. Habit considers your personal health goals to customise a meal plan sent right to your door. The individual health coaches provide an extra layer of personal attention.


This dual-use product combines the functionality of a water bottle with the performance of a stretch roller. The Mobot is a water bottle that also converts to a foam roller, ensuring that its owners stay both adequately hydrated as well as effectively stretched out and flexible.


Offering a wide variety of innovative health and wellness products, Xyngular offers something for every need and personal taste.This company is seizing the booming market of personalised merchandise designed to target any fitness or health need. Xyngular products perform a variety of functions including energy enhancement, hunger control, and weight loss.

Organic Food Box Delivery

Too many to list separately this product category is one of the fastest growing sectors in the health and wellness industry. Consumers can choose from a variety of products delivered directly to their doorstep each week. These services is of value and convenience to their customers looking to nourish their bodies with the best foods on the planet.


This service harnesses the power of the internet to provide users with the opportunity to find a myriad of healthcare providers online and go so far as to even schedule the appointments. ZocDoc also takes the guesswork out of billing by enabling users to filter available doctors and dentists through a variety of insurance providers. The company recently launching a comprehensive app designed to assist consumers in making the most informed decision.

There is something for everyone in the emerging field of health and wellness products. Optimal health is now at everyone’s fingertips, and it is just up to you to use the resources available.

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