Congratulations! We are assuming you recently got engaged, so here is wishing you all the joy & happiness your heart can take on that big day. Now, let us talk about your bridal dress. The wilderness of bridal dresses can quickly overwhelm any bride-to-be because of the complexities involved in searching for the right one.

Choosing the right bridal dress is different from choosing any other dress. For one, it represents exactly how you would want to feel on your wedding day, and trust me; you do not want to look ordinary because you would be the center of attention that day. We have compiled a little guide to help you in your search for the right dress.

Cost of Bridal Dresses

The cost of bridal dresses vary from one designer to the other, and can be twice the price of regular dresses if it carries the name of any of the famous designers like Vera Wang, Hayley Paige or Reem Acra. The least for any of these designer bridal dresses can cost anywhere between $2,000-8,000 and more. There are however less popular brands such as J. Crew, that are less expensive but still very beautiful. A very nice J. Crew dress will set you back about $300-700.

Bridal dresses are unlike normal every day or evening dresses, and you might be wondering why they cost a lot. One of the determining factors for the cost of bridal dresses is the cost of the material that goes into the making, as well as the labour required to put it together and the transportation from where it is made to the bride.

There are many types of materials used to make bridal dresses, and the pricier the materials get, the higher the cost of the gown. Some of the most commonly used types of material used for bridal dresses include Chiffon, French Satin, Silk Chiffon, Silk Taffeta, Silk Organza, and Noble Silk Duchess Satin. Chiffon costs at least $6/yard, while Noble Silk Duchess Satin costs at least $30/yard.

Going by the cost of materials alone, you should be able to get a clear understanding of why bridal dresses cost this much. Of course you also have to factor in volume to the dress, decorations such as buttons, ribbons, beads, peals & sequins. All of these only mean 0ne thing – more cost!

Where to Buy Bridal Dresses

Where you buy your bridal dress will play a great part into how much you end up spending on it. For instance, certain brands will include the cost of their business operations into their sales price. Some of the places where you can buy bridal dresses include:

Trunk Shows

Trunk shows occur at bridal salons as well as other locations, where designers show off their latest collections. Some of the dresses you get to see have not even made it into the stores yet, so you get to see them firsthand. You might also get discounts as much as 20% off at trunk shows.

Local Stores

Some local departmental stores sell bridal dresses, so you might want to research the stores in your area and look for one that does. Local stores bridal dresses are also pocket friendly and not as expensive as the ones you’d buy at designer salons.

Online Sellers

You can also get beautiful bridal dresses from online sellers. Simply type your bridal dress specifications into any of the popular search engines to get a variety of online bridal dress sellers. They are gorgeous and many of them are under the $100 range.

Designer Bridal Salon

These are where you find the designer bridal dresses like Vera Wang and the others. If price is not much of a factor for you, you will have a great time going through all the selections for one tailored to suit your person.

You can also consider renting a used bridal dress. They are not as horrid as you think they are, in fact, be prepared to be wowed by the selection you get presented with. Whatever the type of dress you end up with, make sure it is complements your person. Good luck in your search and congratulations once again!

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