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Reviews - August 10, 2018

7 Ways to Use Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Bluetooth S Pen

Samsung fans seems to be the most loyal out there and as such expects premium productivity from the S Pen. Samsung Note 9’s S Pen has taken desired usage to a new height.

At inception, PDAs and smartphones are known to use the stylus for navigation and note taking only. Nowadays, Samsung has continuously make use of an extra external accessory in the note line and as expected this year offering, the Note 9 and the S Pen is way above expectation.

The fundamental usage of stylus is to substitute for a finger and with contained Bluetooth Radio means there’s much that can be done with the S Pen. It’s a surprise to many that the thin S Pen come with a Bluetooth radio and battery which only take a few seconds charges to last more than 200 button clicks.

From experience, S Pen on the Note 8, it is now an important tool for me. Here are the seven ways you can S Pen on Note 9:

  1. Launch an app: in the remote you can choose which app you want to use from the S Pen button by pressing and holding down the button. You can change your preferences and the camera is selected by default.
  2. Take photos: when you launch the camera, to activate the shutter and capture photo you can press the S Pen button to activate with the camera app open to toggle between the front and rear cameras.
  3. Viewing photo in your gallery: fortunately, the gallery app which Samsung Continues to use can be open with single and double presses on the S Pen.
  4. Record your voice: you can use the voice recorder app to record voice notes.
  5. Take charge of your music: you can play/pause/skip music when playing media on Note 9. Please check if this works with popular streaming service as against the loaded music on the devise.
  6. YouTube remote: The S Pen button can be used to play/pause/skip videos when you are playing video with the app.
  7. PowerPoint slide control: you can use the S Pen button to to control your PowerPoint slides.

Having the Note 9 handy you can explore the Air Command options as well as other functionalities that the Bluetooth radio has with the S Pen.

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