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Business - Lifestyle - Reviews - August 17, 2018

5 Brands that Understand the Power of Hope in Their Messaging

When people are in need of hope, the last thing they want to see is a message is an ad that comes across as cheesy or not fully understanding their situation. When people are in need of hope, they may want something they can relate to, which is something that companies with good advertising understand. Today we will discuss five brands that understand the power of hope in messaging.

1. Love Your Melon

If you use social media, you have likely heard of Love Your Melon. They are a brand that started out creating winter hats and for each hat purchased they would give fifty percent of the proceeds fight paediatric cancer. The brand has expanded to include clothing and accessories and donates part of their proceeds to cancer research. This brand radiates hope through their products and their marketing strategies as can be seen on their popular social media pages.

2. Xyngular

Xyngular is a company that was founded on the principle of hope. Xyngular sells products that aim to make your daily life better in terms of your health. The company started small and grew to change the lives of millions. Even though the company is founded on the hope that you can feel better, you will not need it for long because you will see results that leave you feeling the best you ever have!

3. Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella operates on the message of hope, but instead of targeting humans, the hope is for elephants. A portion of the sales from their line of products goes to the elephants! Ivory Ella has gained mass popularity on social media from people who love their mission and their products.

4. Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is a company that promotes their message of hope by donating soap to those in need with every purchase made on the site, no matter the product! you are not only receiving a natural and cruelty-free product for yourself but also giving soap to someone who otherwise likely would not have it.

5. Warby Parker

Let’s face it, buying glasses is usually not a fun experience. Although, with Warby Parker, when you purchase a pair of glasses, they donate a portion of the sale to a nonprofit that helps buy glasses for those in need. That makes shopping for glasses a little more fun!

Whether a brand fosters hope in the way of feeling better yourself or helping others feel better, there are plenty of companies out there doing great things in the name of hope! And plus, it’s not a bad look for companies to brand themselves as charitable to their audiences either.

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